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With correct financial advice and with the selection of the right property, Negative Gearing may be a tax efficient investment strategy. Contact Can-I-Invest experts before investing in property and we will help you to figure out negative gearing. For more details visit http://www.can-i-invest.com.au/ or call us at 0413 837 484 or send us email at support@can-i-invest.com.au.

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In today’s real estate transactions, nearly 50% of all purchases happen to be done by property investors. Investors can be of 2 types. Cash flow investors and capital growth investors.  When these investors are looking to make an investment decision, it all comes down to crunching the numbers. 
Property investment requires cash flow analysis. Two identical properties on the same street can have very different cash flow outcomes. One could be positively geared and the other could be highly negatively geared. The factors affecting the cash flows include rental income, the loan to value ratio, depreciation, investors personal tax bracket amongst others.


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